Introducing Myself

Hello, everyone! First, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Yoko Rehling. I am half Japanese and half German but can’t speak German. I was born in Tokyo and moved to Kanagawa and Ibaraki later. I grew up exclusively in Japan and went Japanese schools until getting into TUJ, so I think I’m almost pure Japanese.

 I don’t have any special hobbies, but I go to cooking school lately so, officially, my hobby is cooking. Also, I like listening to music and my favorite musician is Hikaru Utada.

Taking this course is challenging to me. I am weak in computers or Internet. It’s been about 8 years since I got my first computer. I’ve been using them only for net surfing or creating Word documents. It felt like I could kill time forever with the Internet. However, I have little knowledge about computers and my basic way of solving problems is still shut down (it works!). I am afraid I am already falling behind class and I am surprised that most of the students seem to be doing very well. I feel nervous but I will do my best to catch with the class anyway!

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Hello world!

This is my first post. I have never run a blog before and am not sure what I should write about.

For trying out, I posted a picture  from  the darts bar I went to. The other day I went to play darts for the first time, and thanks to my beginner’s luck I did fairly well !

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