Story About an Earring

I decided to do DS 106 writing assignment 205  named Tell Me A Story . I’d like to tell a story about one of my favorite pierced earrings which is very memorable for me.

It was several years ago, I and my friends were talking about accessories.
One of my friends told me that she had a friend who is a dealer in jewelry and accessories.
She said she can buy the accessories at nearly the cost price from the dealer; and also that he takes orders for custom-made accessories.

I told her I wanted pierced earrings with my original design. It was difficult to find the kind of design I imagined among ready-made goods. I was on good terms with the friend and we were hanging out a lot.

Some time later, she introduced him and we thought about what the custom-made earring I wanted should be like. I could select the materials and the design myself.
I selected green tourmaline because when I was little, my mother once told me that wearing green things would protect us from danger. There are no grounds for this but I believed her when she told me so.
The design of the earrings looked simple but according to the dealer, the cutting is very rare for real jewels the way I ordered it to make it a little unique.

After my friend had handed me the finished earrings she transferred to an American university, and while she was studying abroad, I reluctantly had to change my address. I’m afraid we can’t contact each other now.

The earrings cost 4600 yen but I think it was a reasonable price. I liked them a lot and was wearing them very often. One day, however, I noticed that one piece of the pair had disappeared. I looked for it everywhere it could possibly be, but I never found it. I am still keeping the remaining piece carefully.

When I see the earring I remember the friend and become a little sentimental wondering how she might be doing now. I still hope that I will find the other piece of the pair some day.

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