Infographic Analysis

Our group 4 chose  The Internet! for infographic analysis.
The original post is Amazing Facts about the Internet.

Good points:
I have nothing to complain about the visual design. It is easy to look at and I like the simple coloring. I am wondering if we could make our infographic as good like this.

The text shows limited information. I think it’s okay and helpful for easy understanding as far as it is well organized. Also, it contains a lot of numbers throughout. Basically, showing numbers makes it convincing and I found many of them astonishing and very interesting.

Bad points:
However, what is most disappointing in this infographic is the unclearness of the sources. It has long list of sources at the bottom but it doesn’t show which is for which information.
My part is sections 10 to 12. The number of users of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in section 11 is not difficult to check out, even though it must be changing all the time and it would be better to add the date. Section 10 gives percentages of what people are using the mobile internet for. I am curious who and how this research was conducted but couldn’t check the original site. The same applies to the calculation of section 12. The small font list itself is hard to look at and not helpful. Must I go through this list one by one if I want to check something?

I guess they did a thorough research and arranged it nicely, but unclearness of the source information ruined it somewhat.

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One Response to Infographic Analysis

  1. lockmantuj says:

    I agree that the way the sources are listed on this infographic make it difficult to track down the validity of the claims being made. Still, you have a responsibility in your analysis to at least try to get some form of confirmation or rebuttal of the claims being made.

    I think you make an important point at the close of your discussion of good points. You said that using numbers makes it convincing. Doesn’t that suggest that it is possible to lie or deceive people using numbers? Part of the reason for doing this assignment was my hope that we might look more critically at the various messages that are thrown our way when we consume media.

    Also, you mention that you found many things astonishing and interesting but you don’t tell us what they were. I think this is unfair to your readers. You need to let us know what you found interesting and why you think it was so.

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