DS106 Assignment

DS106 assignment. Alan Kay Eating Quarter Pounder.


Inspired by many funny works of others I decided to do the “Patty Pioneers” assignment. It was defined as “editing a picture of any Computer Pioneer so that it looks like they are eating/about to eat/holding a burger or similar types of fast food.”


First, I searched through some pioneer photos looking for a useful one. The image is from a Japanese article about an interview with Alan Kay. here In the article, he is talking about the experience of working in PARC and emphasizes the importance of the cooperation. I found the picture of Alan Kay with his mouth half opened and his hand under his chin. I wanted him to grab a hamburger. Then, I visited MacDonald’s official web site and got the images of a Quarter Pounder Cheese and a chocolate Mac Shake. here

I am not used to editing images but I have done some simple editing before, such as sizing or changing colors.


Using the free graphic editor Pixia already on my computer, I put Alan Kay’s original photo into the base layer and added layers of the Quarter Pounder and the Shake. Then I cut out the items, rotated and sized them. Next, I added another layer with Alan’s hand on top to make it look like he is holding the hamburger, added noise to the food layers and balanced the colors.


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2 Responses to DS106 Assignment

  1. lockmantuj says:

    This is a nice first ds106 assignment. I’m impressed with what you were able to produce with Pixia. I’ve never used that program before. Would it be possible to edit your post to include a hyperlink to the Pixia website.

    Also, it would be helpful to have a link back to the original assignment description on the ds106 site.

  2. tuc38620 says:

    That looks pretty good! Keep it up! 🙂

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