Story About an Earring

I decided to do DS 106 writing assignment 205  named Tell Me A Story . I’d like to tell a story about one of my favorite pierced earrings which is very memorable for me.

It was several years ago, I and my friends were talking about accessories.
One of my friends told me that she had a friend who is a dealer in jewelry and accessories.
She said she can buy the accessories at nearly the cost price from the dealer; and also that he takes orders for custom-made accessories.

I told her I wanted pierced earrings with my original design. It was difficult to find the kind of design I imagined among ready-made goods. I was on good terms with the friend and we were hanging out a lot.

Some time later, she introduced him and we thought about what the custom-made earring I wanted should be like. I could select the materials and the design myself.
I selected green tourmaline because when I was little, my mother once told me that wearing green things would protect us from danger. There are no grounds for this but I believed her when she told me so.
The design of the earrings looked simple but according to the dealer, the cutting is very rare for real jewels the way I ordered it to make it a little unique.

After my friend had handed me the finished earrings she transferred to an American university, and while she was studying abroad, I reluctantly had to change my address. I’m afraid we can’t contact each other now.

The earrings cost 4600 yen but I think it was a reasonable price. I liked them a lot and was wearing them very often. One day, however, I noticed that one piece of the pair had disappeared. I looked for it everywhere it could possibly be, but I never found it. I am still keeping the remaining piece carefully.

When I see the earring I remember the friend and become a little sentimental wondering how she might be doing now. I still hope that I will find the other piece of the pair some day.

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Take a photo of a bird today

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Infographic Analysis

Our group 4 chose  The Internet! for infographic analysis.
The original post is Amazing Facts about the Internet.

Good points:
I have nothing to complain about the visual design. It is easy to look at and I like the simple coloring. I am wondering if we could make our infographic as good like this.

The text shows limited information. I think it’s okay and helpful for easy understanding as far as it is well organized. Also, it contains a lot of numbers throughout. Basically, showing numbers makes it convincing and I found many of them astonishing and very interesting.

Bad points:
However, what is most disappointing in this infographic is the unclearness of the sources. It has long list of sources at the bottom but it doesn’t show which is for which information.
My part is sections 10 to 12. The number of users of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in section 11 is not difficult to check out, even though it must be changing all the time and it would be better to add the date. Section 10 gives percentages of what people are using the mobile internet for. I am curious who and how this research was conducted but couldn’t check the original site. The same applies to the calculation of section 12. The small font list itself is hard to look at and not helpful. Must I go through this list one by one if I want to check something?

I guess they did a thorough research and arranged it nicely, but unclearness of the source information ruined it somewhat.

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Place Where I Lose Things

Today’s Daily Create (share an image of a place that you lose things in your house)


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The Daily Create

This is for today’s daily create assignment, i.e. to make a photo of something upside down.
I took this picture a few months ago when I visited Yasukuni Shrine.

Daily Create

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Common Everyday Object


For my second DS106 Assignment, I chose the Common Everyday Object. The assignment is simply described as “Take pictures of a common everyday object and manipulate the colors”.


I took the picture with my cell phone and sent it to my PC.First, I made the picture monochrome.Then, I cut out the kettle and changed the color so that it differs from the background.Next, I balanced the colors and straightened the contrast.Finally, I added an effect named Rabica to make it look like a watercolor painting. 


I use the kettle every day to make tea, so the kettle is one of the most frequently used items in my kitchen. I wanted to change it to vivid colors. I also wanted to try a new effect and used a light watercolor effect for the first time. The original photo is below.

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DS106 Assignment

DS106 assignment. Alan Kay Eating Quarter Pounder.


Inspired by many funny works of others I decided to do the “Patty Pioneers” assignment. It was defined as “editing a picture of any Computer Pioneer so that it looks like they are eating/about to eat/holding a burger or similar types of fast food.”


First, I searched through some pioneer photos looking for a useful one. The image is from a Japanese article about an interview with Alan Kay. here In the article, he is talking about the experience of working in PARC and emphasizes the importance of the cooperation. I found the picture of Alan Kay with his mouth half opened and his hand under his chin. I wanted him to grab a hamburger. Then, I visited MacDonald’s official web site and got the images of a Quarter Pounder Cheese and a chocolate Mac Shake. here

I am not used to editing images but I have done some simple editing before, such as sizing or changing colors.


Using the free graphic editor Pixia already on my computer, I put Alan Kay’s original photo into the base layer and added layers of the Quarter Pounder and the Shake. Then I cut out the items, rotated and sized them. Next, I added another layer with Alan’s hand on top to make it look like he is holding the hamburger, added noise to the food layers and balanced the colors.


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